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This release fixes many bugs found by the community quickly after the last release. Sorry the long delay in this update. Update Paronicon by clicking the “Install Now” button at the top right of Paronicon. You may need to restart Paronicon to see the update button.

Bug Fixes

— Kick code was garbled during the switch to RCON kick from PB kick.


— Added command shortcode support to yell, kick, and warn.


  1. Hellroaring

    March 10, 2014

    Hello, we run Paronicon for our BlackOps mac servers and love the tool! The main thing that made us choose Paronicon was auto kick for 2nd chance/Last stand perk. We started using Paronicon right after version 2 came out so unfortunately we have never been able to utilize this function. It would be really nice to have that feature, as its the only restriction on our server. Another thing that would be great to see is an option to restrict Tac Inserts. Paronicon rocks!

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